Part two

Now it's been 2 years without her and it has been feeling like an eternity. I can still remember how it all happened like it was yesterday. At first, we started hanging out as friends, i showed her around the town and we went to see a movie together, I don't really remember the title of the movie but it was some kind of action fling. We spent half of the movie talking about different things, it turns out we had so much more in common that i thought.
She was a big book lover, she could finish a book in 2 weeks, usually it takes several months for me to finish a normal thick book.
Whenever i couldn't find her, i'd go look for her in the library, it was a 80% chance that she was there. Once I saw her there with her classmate, Brad. I got furious. I don't know why, It's not like I was jelaous or something, I didn't even have any feeling for her. She was just a friend but something inside said that I was supposed to be the one sitting there with her and not Brad.
Some weeks later, when our friendship was getintg stronger and i Thought i had a chance with her, Brad asked her out and she said yes. Then i was sure that i liked her. I really fancied her and she meant so much to me than she knew. That day when he asked her out, she and I were sitting in my bedroom and just enjoying the silence and out of the blue, she just said ''Brad asked me out today''. I kept quiet and then asked her what she said to him. She said yes. And I don't think she heard but I heard a crashing type of sound, like something broke. And it was inside me. I didn't say much after, just stayed calm, I didn't even walk her to the door like always when she was leaving to meet up with Brad. Brad, let me just tell you a little about him. He wasn't the kind of guy that took relationsships seriously. He was in the football team and he was also every girl's dream. And what made me most mad was that I know he didn't like her half as much as I did. He would never. And she was the new girl, she believed in everything that people said. The cool girls in school ''wanted'' to hang with her and at the end they would just toss her aside. I wanted to tell her that so badly but I was afraid that she'd say ''You're only jealous beacuse I get to hand with the cool ones''. Even though she wasn't that kind of person who'd say something like that. She wasn't that cruel. But something kept me from saying it.
The next day I went to the libarary to return a book that I had lost, that i actually found under my bed, and outside the window, I saw them, just taking a walk and talking, laughing. I look like a stalker, standing there and hiding behind the bookshelf and staring at them from a distance. A librarian came up to me and look at me with a confused face expression. ''Your not the first one doing that'' she said. ''Want her? Then don't let someone else have her and then walk around hiding'' she added. I didn't really give her an answer, just let her know that i heard her.
And I took her advice. Later that day Lucy stopped by my house but i asked my mom to open, though i told my mom that i was busy, she let her come up to my room. Without knocking she walked in and sat on the bed edge with a thud. She was smiling, the only difference was that I wasn't the one making her smile.
''Is it just me, or is it really hot in here?'' she asked fladdering her shirt and letting the air come underneath.
''It's normal for me'' I answered. Then she started talking about him and every little detail. Let's just say, I was in the friendzone. I was that best friend she told everything to. But i wanted to be more than that.
''Lucy, with all the due and respect, what you two do together isn't really my buisness, so you might as well stop telling me'' i just said, I can't believe i said that, and I said it with a cruel tone. She looked at me shocked.
''I'm sorry, that came out wrong'' i started apologizing.
''Can you just tell me what's your problem? Since we've started dating you've been acting so distant. Does it bother you that we hang out?''
''Yes, it does. And since your wondering, my problem is Brad. You don't know half of him. He just tells you a load of bullshit and you belive him'' i shouted.
She shook her head and left the room. The door she slammed made my portraits shake off the wall. Now i had really done it. And once again i'd sit alone in the cafeteria. I lost the only friend i had, but I was right. Brad is not to be relied on.

Postat av: Fanny

Mera nu :D

2013-01-04 @ 00:10:26
Postat av: Amanda :)

Mer! :) lust och göra länkbyte? :)

2013-01-05 @ 04:17:51
Postat av: Amanda

sv; häligt! Gör ditt länkbyte direkt ;)

2013-01-05 @ 20:06:04
Postat av: Vendela :D

Asbra!!! :D Längtar efter nästa!!!

Btw, skulle du vilja hjälpa mig med min design till min fanfic? :D xx

2013-01-05 @ 22:03:20
Postat av: Amanda

sv; inga problem :)<3

2013-01-05 @ 22:34:45

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