Part three

The next day was a little tough, seeing her walk by me in the hallways and not being able to say hello was not easy. But the hardest thing was, it wasn't that long ago she had started at our school, but everyone knew her. She had made more friends in a couple of weeks, than i had in my entire life. And i didn't mean to say hardest, what i mean is, how come people always say that the way you look isn't important at all, but when it comes to actually talking and becoming friends, they all judge you by your new pair of jeans? I know, the outside is what gives the inside a chance, but it's all so wrong. When i was younger, i had a friend, his name was Alex. He was just like me, an outsider. He had a trouble fitting in, but that's what made it extra good. I knew i wasn't alone, but eventually he had to move. His situation was much worse than mine. Dad was a drunk and his mom tried her hardest to make money. Alex really understood people, and when you got to know him, he wasn't bad at all. He was really intrested in photography and  movies, wich counted as a cool thing back then, but people never gave him a chance to show it. The other kid walking beside him, had the same intrests but had the latest looks, i guess that's why the other kid is the most popular kid in school right now. But what i'm trying to say is, people are so much more than seem to be. If you take a look beneath, they may have same intrests as you. Wether they're cute or not, popular or not. But back to Lucy, she looked good. But if i see it from another perspective, she looked like an average teenager. Nothing special. But still, if they gave her a chance to show them her real Lucy, why couldn't they give a chance to Alex? Or me? Or anyone else who has been in the same situation? But here's a thing to think about next time you see someone new, someone who doesn't hang around with a lot of people, or is mostly quite. Just walk up to them and say Hi. You don't know what may happen, maybe it'll make their day when they we're struggling through it.
Some weeks passed by and Lucy was still dating Brad. Everyday after school, i'd go to the library and see if she's there but no. I bet Brad didn't even give her any time for books. Day by day my feelings got stronger for her - while surely hers got weaker - wich made it tougher for me through the day. But you know what's worst? Thinking you have a chance with someone then realizing that you actually don't. Wasting your time on someone. Wasting your time thinking about them, every moment of the day. Wasting you day just waiting for a text or a call back. Wasting your time thinking if they feel the same way as you, wondering if they're thinking about you too. When in reality, they aren't. While you're making them your priority, they're only making you an option.
That day i was thinking about calling her and asking her to come over, it was raining, wich made me hesitate because she'd say that it's raining and then she wouldn't come. So i put my bookmark in the middle of my book that i was reading. And yes, since i met Lucy, i started to like reading too. Afterwards i just turned on the tv and found nothing i liked, so i let South Park on when suddenly somone knocked. I was really lazy that day so i walked slower than usually to the door. The person had to knock once again wich i shouldn't have because it was Lucy. I had no words when i saw her. She had this empty face expression, red eyes and she didn't look straight into my eyes.
- Can i come in? she asked and still tried to avoid eye contact.
I held the door for her and followed her as she walked to the couch and slowly sat down.
-How are you? she asked and broke the silence.
-Great, i said feeling terrible. Not because of the abvious, but because she was. I could see it, she was feeling terrible.
I took a seat beside and layed my hand on top of hers but she pulled it back and hugged me instead. It was a long and tight hug but then she just broke down. I didn't say a word, i kept my arms tight around her, rubbing her back now and then. I don't remember much of what she told me what happened, but Brad was a part of it. I told you he should not be trusted. There was a girl at my school, she fancied Brad a lot. She even bought parfume by Brad Pitt, just cause it had Brads name in it. But she was a.. let's just say, swot. Swot is a person who studies hard. Swot is a nicer word for nerd or dork. So after the summer break, a new version of that girl showed up in school. Still high grades though, but with much prettier hair, sassier attitude and more makeup than ever. That was exactly what Brad liked. So typically teenage movies, she pretended to not be intrested in Brad anymore and then he started chasing her. People had seen Brad and that girl together, at a party last friday and things went on pretty wild. Since then, Brad barely raturned Lucys calls, he didn't even break up with her in a proper way. He just stopped talking to her. But what made me happier was that, Lucy came to me when she needed a friend, she didn't go to her other girlfriends she could cry with dramatically, she came to me. I was the one sitting next to her, holding her tight and just listening to her quiet sobbing and heavy breaths.

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