Part one

1st july, 2008, was the best date of my life. I can asure you that. It was the day that an angel entered my life. And I don't mean to overstate, no, she really was an angel. I mean, have you ever met someone that changed your life in a blink of an eye? Someone you saw a future with? Just by looking at them and as they glace back, you feel this warm hapiness, like nothing else has ever mattered to you, as much as them? I'm sure i don't even have to name them, but a person just poped into your head, didn't it?
When I was younger, actually very little, I used to think that girls were weird. With their long hair, those small annoying giggles, but that changed with time. I'm glad it did. If I was still the asshole I was before, I might have never felt true love. I might have even never met her. Lucy was her name if you wonder. She was just a couple of inches shorter than me and she had that beautiful blond hair wich she always tried to color darker and I would stop her. She was very insecure, always found flaws and she hated herself sometimes when she'd make a small mistake that didn't actually mean anything. But that's why I loved her. I loved her flaws, her mistakes and everything else. Nothing has been the same since she..left and I'm still strying to accept reality but it's getting kinda hard each day. I seem so off the path and lost my mom says sometimes but she understands how much that day  affected me. I was off school for a couple of weeks. To get my mind of that memory I applied to xFactor, but i didn't come through, wich made everything just worse.  I met some of the guys who made it and now they have a great career and we still talk.
But let's stick to the subject. I didn't tell you how I met Lucy. It was a coincidence really, nothing I planned.
New neighbours had moved into the house next to ours and my mom, being the great welcoming neighbour that she is, she invited them over for dinner. Back then I didn't know they had a daughter, because she arrived later that night. I was up in my room, getting ready for dinner when the door bell rang. I had to open the door for them so i rushed down the stairs and calmly opened the door. And there she was, wearing a red blouse and a high waisted skirt. But let me just tell you, It was not love at the first sight, no. Well, i thought she was really pretty but that's it, until we had to sit in front of each other. She glanced at me every ten second and i'd just smile that cheeky smile of mine. One thing that I really liked about her was that she was not shy. She talked to my parents and then asked me random questions, like how the neighbourhood was, and if there's fun stuff to do. And I promised her to show everything there is, she just smiled and said 'Okay'. Later it was time for them to go, Parents just shook hands but Lucy gave a quick hug and walked away with that beautiful smile of hers.

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mer :D

2012-12-31 @ 02:34:09
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Meraaaaaaaa !

2012-12-31 @ 19:57:06

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