Part Four

That day, I let her stay for the night. She explained to me what had happened. It was horrible really, they had a huge fight, he called her names which affected Lucy very much, she was very sensitive when it came to name calling.
That night I did everything I could to make her feel better and it some points. Eventually she fell asleep on my bed while watching a movie we had rented. Her head was resting on my lap and I couldn't get my eyes off of her. She was so beautiful and that's when I realized. I loved her. And I had no intentions whatsoever of letting her go from now on, or giving somone else the chance to take her away from me.But i wasn't sure if she felt the same for me. Next morning i got up earlier than i usually do and made her breakfast. I made everything i could, pancakes, bacon, waffles and all.
''what happened last night? I can't even remember falling asleep'' she said as she walked into the kitchen, yawning.
''You fell asleep on my bed, before we finished the movie''.
''Oh yeah..'' she responded. I put a plate in front of her filled with food and a glass of juice.
''Niall, i'm only one person, how do you expect me to finish this plate?'' she asked me a little shocked.
''we can always share'' i said with a grin, she smiled back.
We began to eat from one plate and talked about how her night was, she said I made her feel better which of course made ME feel better.
''Can I ask you something?'' she said and kind of broke the silence.
''Are you a virgin?'' came out of her, compeletly out of the blue and I almost choked on my juice.
I just stared at her like i've been hit with a rock.
''Well?'' she said.
''yes, i am..'' i responded and kept eating. She didn't say anything after that, it was just quiet. We finished our plate and she said it was time for her to go home, so we headed out to the hall. We stood there for a while with my door open but we didn't really say anything until she leaned in and gave me a kiss on the cheek.
''Thank you, for all this and for being there for me Niall'' she said and took off. I slowely closed the door after her.